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Târgovişte has 2 parks and one zoo.

Chindia Park was set up 1970, on the meadow of Ialomiţa river, in place of the former Royal Garden.

"Chindia" Park is located in the vicinity of Ialomiţa river and mostly comprises green areas, an artificial lake for recreation, a complex of clay tennis courts and a zoo, with an area of 3.9 ha, having a various number of animal and bird species.

Parchul Chindia

The Zoo in Chindia park is located in the place where, in 1583, the ruler Petru Cercel set up the first zoo in the country. There are more than 100 species of animals from all continents on an area of.

The "Mitropoliei" Park is set up in the centre of the city, with green areas and recreation places, having a smaller area.

Located in the centre of the municipality, Mitropoliei Park is surrounded by the two most important arteries of the city – Libertăţii Boulevard and Mircea cel Bătrân Boulevard (former Prieteniei). One of the most romantic meeting places, the park hosts the bust of Tudor Vladimirescu, leader of the 1821 Uprising and assassinated by Eteria members on May 27th 1821, right on the location of the actual park, in front of the Mitropolitan church.

The most interesting attraction is the Mitropolitan church, one of the biggest and most beautiful churches of the throne citadel. Moved to Târgovişte by Radu cel Mare, upon the request of Patriach Nifon, the church was built following the model of St. Sophia. Demolished in 1889 and replaced with the current one, the new Mitropolitan church was raised following the plans of the French architect Lecompte du Nouy.

Also, here we can find the bust of mother Smara, her full name being Smaranda Gheorghiu (1857-1944), who marked a long presence during the inter-war period in the literature for children and youth, aimed especially towards the educational side of this type of literature.

Besides these facilities, Târgovişte municipality beneficiates from a hospitality basis made of five hotels (Valahia Hotel and Dâmboviţa Hotel, Dracula Hotel, Nova Hotel, Tolea Hotel), with an accommodation capacity of approx. 480 beds, classified in the 3 stars category (apartments, single and double rooms), together with 2 accommodation units having a pension status, with 18 beds.

Tourist Complex of Swimming Târgoviște is an excellent place for leisure. 
In this regard, the complex offers locals and tourists a wide rangr of touristical services for leisure and relaxation, such as: swimming, football, tennis, basketball, tourism fairs, tourist information events.



The sports complex of Târgovişte municipality is made of a polyvalent hall, with a capacity of 2,500 places and designed for local, national and international competitions and a stadium.


  • Promotion of professional sport;

  • Sport for everyone;

  • Maintenance and development of material resources.


The status of the sports facilities in Târgovişte municipality is the following:

  1. Eugen Popescu Municipal Stadium, with tracks for athletics and football field.

  2. The Polyvalent Hall, homologated for basketball, handball, volleyball.

  3. The hall of the School Sports Club – homologated for basketball, handball, mini-football, volleyball, wrestling and judo hall, a swimming pool is in progress of being setup

  4. Field tennis courts – Chindia

  5. Gymnasiums assigned to the schools and high schools in the municipality


State owned sports clubs:

  1. School Sports Club

  2. Târgovişte Sports Club

  3. Oţelul Sports Club, with boxing and judo departments.

Tourist Accommodation